ICM Week 4

This week we were to work with rule-based animation, motion and interaction with out p5 sketches. Along with this we were to work in pairs/groups, and figure out a way to collaborate on a sketch; by either working together on the beginning and separating, joining separate sketches together, etc.

I had been working along with the Coding Train videos and was inspired by what Shiffman made in Coding Train 4.2.

My sketch for 4.2: https://editor.p5js.org/gdor/sketches/S1dml9LFX.

Once I finished the video I played with the size of the ellipses and made them change with the mouseX+Y:

Edited 4.2: https://editor.p5js.org/gdor/sketches/HJMcRFLK7

After making that, I went back and watched the Boolean Variables video (3.4) to review and was inspired to make a button that would start the sketch I made from 4.2.

Suzanne and I met after I made this sketch (crazy circles 1.1) for fun, and we spoke on how to add more interaction to it, specifically a slider(s). We worked out that we would make one slider to affect the width of the appearing/disappearing circles, and another slider to affect the height. I decided to work on the horizontal slider, Suzanne would work on the left, and we would see how each of our sketches differed.




Gilad’s Final Version