Subtraction - Othermill 2

In July 2017 I was on a cross country and one of my favorite spots that I visited was Monument Valley. In the visitor center of the park there was sculpture of the silhouette of the two definitive structures of the park, West and East Mitten Buttes. I always had thought of ways that I could use this piece as an inspiration. I had found some really nice 15 ply plywood that I wanted to use for this project, but as the day went on there were too many people on the Othermills for me to get to my final ply, and I ended up just sticking with my test runs.

Subtraction - Othermill Milling Machine / Bantam

This was my first time using the Othermill Milling Machine.

We were given a skill builder but I had seen a photo on my phone of sketches a friend of mine had done and wanted to make on of the sketches.

I happened to be near Canal Plastics last week and snagged one of the small 2x2” acrylic. I had to play around a lot with the sizing and the turns for the character as the 1/8’’ bit can only handle so sharp of turns.

Thankfully since you can update it in the Bantam app it made playing with the corners so much simpler.

I think I’m going to try to make a series of these Weird Dogs and send them to my friend, but I will size up on the acrylic pieces and maybe get some smaller bits.

Final Piece

Final Piece



Subtraction - Hand Router

Nick Gregg and I decided to work together on the Hand Router assignment. We went through the skill builder, trading off turns routing the piece of wood.

Once we had cut out the general design of the circular shape, we decided to sketch with the router throughout the inside of the shape.

Nick would choose a depth and start cutting a path, and he would trade it over to me to do some cutting. We went back and forth until we felt fulfilled. Finally, we cut the shape out and titled it “Road Map To My Heart” 2019”

These photos got out of order towards the end, sorry.