Visual Language - Design Analysis


Haruki Murakami has been my favorite writer for the better part of two years. Of his many novels, the John Gall cover of “after the quake” is absolutely my favorite design.

Murakami has two designers:

Chip Kidd designs the hardcovers.

John Gall designs the softcovers.

I am quite partial to the designs of John Gall (I have taken it upon myself to collect each of the John Gall designs from the used bookstore Housing Works on Crosby St).


The upper and lower guides are 1.5in from the top and bottom each. The two middle guides are 5in from the top and bottom each. The two guides on the sides are 0.9in from the sides.

The only font used on the cover is Futura Condensed Medium. The tracking for the name of the book is 290, and for the author it is 331. The font is italic for the source of the top quote “The Washington Post Book Journal” as well as for “The Wind Up Bird Chronicle” on the bottom.



For analyzing the hierarchy the the design I actually decided to remake the entire cover in Illustrator, as it was using an Adobe Futura font. This was the natural flow of hierarchy that I felt for the cover.