AR Photo Identifier - Unity

AR Photo Identifier

This augmented reality camera identifies photos and displays content and information connected to that image.


When learning about Unity as a tool to build augmented reality pieces, and using Vuforia Image Targets to display content, I thought of all the photos I have taken since I have gotten into photography. All the different places I have been, and the different cameras I used.

From there I decided to build an AR camera that could identify my photos and display specific information and is associated with it.

I chose a handful of my pictures that I wanted to have prints of and that worked well as image targets, with a high amount of features.

Then we learned how to use a 3D-Scanner to scan objects, and I decided to scan my camera, which I found to be amazingly difficult. The camera was so small with so many intricate gaps in space that made it not the easiest object to scan.

I wanted to add more interaction within the AR app, like a running browser that could pull data off of the internet, other photos from that location, and more features, but time and experience with Unity only allotted so much.


I was really happy with this project. More of a conceptual piece, I want to be able to take this concept and use it in multiple settings. I picture it being used in museums next to pieces of art or objects in place of museum labels. 

Image with Specific Targets to Identify in AR

Image with Specific Targets to Identify in AR