Lack of Blog Posts

In the beginning of October my mother was told by her doctors that she has a 90% chance of having ovarian cancer. This came as a huge surprise as she has been generally healthy her entire life. She lives upstate, near Poughkeepsie, and while it is close, it is not the east thing to run back and forth by train while also dealing with ITP.

The three-plus weeks between her finding out and having her surgery were an extremely anxious time. I found it hard to focus on my work, but chose to drown myself in it so as to not have to constantly worry about my mom. She had surgery last week and they removed a tumor which was found to be non-cancerous. Going from being in the mindset of my mother having a 90% chance of having cancer one day, to the next day finding out that she doesn’t is a strange dilemma that I’m still dealing with.

I’m going to get back to it with the blog posts, as well as making up for some that I haven’t posted.